A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.

The Story of Us

Tom Miles and Roan Dator Wedding
Event Hosts: Mr. Mark Adams and Lady Audra Lamoon
Wedding Planner: Christine Ong-Te Events
Bridal Gown and Entourage: Camille Garcia Bridal Couture
Hair and Make-up Artist/Stylist: Irene Sy Go
Reception Event Stylist and Bridal Party Bouquet: Teddy Manuel Flowers and Events
Wedding Ceremony Decor and Styling: Angel of Hearts
Photographer: Metro Photo
Wedding Venue: Courtyard and The Atrium, Enderun Colleges
Toma and Roan Website
John of Cinemaworks was the first wedding supplier that we signed up for our Dream Team list back in early 2011. He was referred to me by Vanessa (a high school classmate of mine) and when I saw his works I was just completely blown away. Vanessa was right, John is one talented individual and his works aren’t “hit or miss” like other wedding videographers. Everybody at the reception (especially our out of town guests) and our friends to date are still in awe of his SDE and the snippet of our wedding posted on his website. Did I mention that he has lovely fiancé named Wellen that was up to speed in responding to every single query we had? To Cinemaworks, thank you very much. Tom and I will treasure that video for the rest of our lives 🙂