A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.

Catnip – Cinema One Original

It was more than 3 years when I was given a chance to be part of a film, it was the start of my video career and truly it was a fruitful experience. I miss doing films, I miss the company, the challenges and the knowledge filmakers did told me; when Direk Kevin invited me to be part of “Catnip”, with no hesitations I said yes, this time I am not just an editor but with pride I can say I am one of the DOP (director of photography). Direk Kevin is young, talented and artistic. I also had the chance to work with the Industries talented crews and artist who give their best out of passion, I learned so much from those guys, from professionalism to technicals.

This bunch of creative and talented people is bringing us a high quality film. Showing this November…

“Catnip” a film by Kevin Dayrit
Staring Maxine Magalona and Lauren Young
a Cinema One Original