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A selection of our client work, and internal experiments.


Our thoughts, feelings, and interesting news.
  • kko-and-kevin-wedding
    Things that compliments each other, reasons that make things special, and most of all contrast that brings balance. Kevin and Kko are of two different individuals that...
    28 October 2016 // 0 Comments
  • Wilson and Liza Wedding
    Sometimes everything was unexpected. From casual date that turns to something special and that will change your life forever. Someone unexpected will come and will test your...
    19 July 2016 // 0 Comments
  • Niles and Tin Wedding
    Travel and experience the world together, sharing moments and letting each others breath and live. Supporting each others ideas and passion; but most of all having symphony...
    13 February 2016 // 1 Comment
  • Tyron and Olga
    Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. Venue: The...
    10 February 2016 // 0 Comments
  • Lyzza and Geoff
    Today we finally begin… Hmua: Gery Penaso Photographer: Randolf Evan Photography Videographer: Cinemaworks Wedding Art Film Coordinator: Events by Rhed Sarmiento
    05 February 2016 // 0 Comments
  • Hanna and James
    James and Hanna Coming from two very traditional Chinese families, they knew from the start that their wedding will be far from being an intimate gathering, but...
    20 November 2015 // 0 Comments
    Isn’t it nice to make memories with someone who means so much? Events celebrated together, new food tried so far? Travels explored together. Yes everything will be...
    22 October 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Bixie and Julian
    Julian and Bixie Wedding A start of a new life together and the mark of new beginnings… An intimate affair of families and friends that shares mutual...
    17 October 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Michelle
    Here is a wedding we had from the “City of Golden Friendship,” Cagayan de Oro. Lets all linger at the moment as we share with you Daryl...
    06 October 2015 // 0 Comments
  • paradox
    Differences that seems to be fit… Art that so unexplainable; Passion that leaves you with explicit perfection… Two photographers driven by passion, a photoshoot that outburst their...
    06 October 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Jec and deb
    Love is fathomless; a unique emotion evoking unparalleled happiness… St. James the Great Parish, Alabang Photographer: Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography
    06 October 2015 // 1 Comment
  • Jan and Pat'z Wedding
    Jan and Patz Wedding How ironic it seems that in this world, even how spacious and enormous this place called Earth was; we are destined to find...
    16 September 2015 // 0 Comments
  • HongKong2015
    6th University Scholars Symposium Humanitarian Affairs UK Hong Kong Some of us are afraid of failure, it’s not failure that will drive us down but it is...
    16 September 2015 // 0 Comments
  • sony
    Main Features 20MP – 1″ BSI-CMOS Sensor ISO 64 – 25600 24–200 mm F2.8 Zoom Lens Optical Image Stabilization 3″ Tilting Screen 2359k dot Electronic viewfinder 14.0...
    24 August 2015 // 1 Comment
  • Mace and Bianca
    A story of finding someone at the right place and at the right moment. A person whom you can trust, dream with and shares every seconds without...
    20 August 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Ivan and Dior Wedding
    Ivan and Dior Same Day Edit Photo by Metrophoto So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard, we’re gonna have to work at...
    09 July 2015 // 1 Comment
  • greg_and_charms_sde.00_01_03_13.Still002
    Marriage is a life long commitment. A commitment of helping one another to make it successful. A celebration of love shared by the couple, families and friends....
    08 July 2015 // 0 Comments
  • RAW
    Videofest by Weddings at Work “VELUZ” Hosted by weddings at work, videofest is an event to showcase, the life, career and legacy of a certain person or...
    26 May 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Eloy and Jenn
    Preparation: Solaire Resort and Casino Ceremony: St Benedict Church, Westgrove Reception: Versailles Palace Photographer: Cherryblocks Coordinator: Events MD Gown: Patty Ang HMU: Toni Maris Rodriguez Emcee: Atom...
    24 April 2015 // 1 Comment
  • Rick and Tiffany Wedding
    Rick and Tiffany have friends in the same circle but it took some time before they were introduced to each other. Sometimes, love comes when we least...
    05 April 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Kuts and Leovie Wedding
    Preparation: Canyon Woods Ceremony : Caleruega Chapel Reception : Splendido Photographer : CamZar Photography Videographer : Cinemaworks HMUA: Gerry Penaso Wedding Gown: Von Lazaro Musician: Infinite Soul...
    31 March 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Maureen
    Here is something fast with a twist of sweetness smile emoticon Chapel of Transfiguration, Caleruega Splendido Tagaytay Taal Vista Hotel Photographer: Nelwin Uy Photography Coordinator: The 3rd...
    31 March 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Melissa and Christian
    Christian and Melissa Wedding Let’s discover the world together, Paint life as if everything can be describe in colours. Perhaps the world is a place of adventure…....
    04 March 2015 // 0 Comments
  • james_camila
    James and Camila Wedding Who would not know the latest video made by Maroon 5? Just recently it became viral as anyone is posting it to their...
    16 February 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Martin and Andera
    Would it be great to start our day with a glimpse of paradise? We are very excited to share with you a wedding held in a place...
    12 February 2015 // 1 Comment
  • alfa_and_angelo
    Videographer: Cinemaworks Wedding Art Film Bridal gown: Mel Orlina Couture HMU: Pong Niu Photographer: Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza Coordination: Tiethe Knot Ceremony: Chapel on the Hill...
    20 January 2015 // 0 Comments
  • kosho and kris
    Love is a promise of forever… Wedding is a celebration, a union; day when two people promises their love to each other, a day when the journey...
    18 December 2014 // 0 Comments
  • Mark and Aileen
    Mark and Aileen SDE It was a night full of colleagues… We were so delighted and overwhelmed to document and share this special moment with them. Preparation...
    10 November 2014 // 0 Comments
  • Rj and Jaycee
    Friends and family may know you as a couple; but do they know how things started that led into that one special day? It was about intuition,...
    28 October 2014 // 1 Comment
  • mark and melissa 063 copy
    Lets take it slow…It was HS prom that gave them the chance to know each other and it takes two years to make things formal. A simple...
    19 October 2014 // 0 Comments